Is a professor orb restricted in any way regarding the language choices it can have? For instance, can a professor orb know Modron or Vegypygmy as languages?

Additionally, is it possible to possess and use multiple professor orbs with the same character?

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The DM decides which languages an orb knows.

The description of the Professor Orb states (Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, p. 284):

The orb speaks, reads, and understands four languages [...]

It gives no guidance concerning which languages or which types of languages are eligible, so the DM determines which languages an orb knows. Additionally, as a Professor Orb does not require attunement, there is nothing preventing a character from owning two Professor Orbs, except of course, the DM. If the DM wants to give out two orbs, then they can.


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