The artificer's Infuse Item feature (TCoE, p. 9; E:RftLW, p. 57) grants access to a number of infusion options, one of which is the Homunculus Servant (TCoE, p. 21; E:RftLW, p. 62).

I'm just trying to find out whether the Homunculus Servant I create has, for example, tool proficiencies to help me creating magic items.

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No. The servant's proficiencies are Perception and Stealth.

The Homunculus Servant has no tool proficiencies. If it did, they would be listed in the infusion description or the servant's stat block, but none are listed. The only proficiencies it has are:

Skills Perception +0 plus PB × 2, Stealth +2 plus PB

Where PB here is the artificer's proficiency bonus.

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