So, the title question sort of says it all. I just need some clarification.

The wording for the Swashbucklers Panache ability specifically states several times that in order to regain Panache you must "Confirm a critical hit/Score a killing blow" with a "Light OR One-Handed Piercing weapon"

By utilizing Slashing Grace is the Aldori Dueling Sword viable for Swashbuckler? Given the wording, I would say yes, but the Dueling sword is classified as a Heavy Blade, which gives me pause.

I understand that the scimitar is usually the focus of Slashing Grace, but thematically I like the dueling sword for this character, does it restrict any abilities?


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With Slashing Grace, yes, a swashbuckler may use an Aldori dueling sword and still regain panache.

  1. The Aldori dueling sword is a one-handed slashing melee weapon.
  2. Slashing Grace says that a one-handed slashing melee weapon may count as a one-handed piercing melee weapon “for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon.”
  3. Regaining panache is a “class ability that require[s]” a one-handed piercing melee weapon.

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