I'm playing Delve by Anna Blackwell and certain things like Treasury, Stockpile, Rune of Greed reference a maximum capacity for Resources and Trade Goods. Both Treasury, Stockpile increase this maximum, and Rune of Greed gives a consequence for exceeding your capacity. As far as I can tell the rules do not seem to mention capacity aside from in passing.

There are a number of things I can't find answers to in the rules. However most of them I can just resolve myself using my judgement. However one thing I feel like I can't resolve on my own is the starting capacity. You get 20 of each material to start so I assume it's at least 20. But this really feels like something that should be mentioned in the rules, I just can't find it at all.


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The rules indeed do not state this. However the intention is for the starting capacity to be 50 of each.

Anna Blackwell has answered this in a FAQ post on the Blackwell Games discord:

Screenshot of the FAQ from discord

AnnaBlackwell 11/12/2020


Q: Starting Maximum Resource and Trade Goods Supply
A: 50 of each


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