Does anywhere have a good reference of the summary of differences between the Pathfinder Beginner Box rules and the Core Rules (which I believe are identical to the online PRD)?


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Paizo provides a free Basic Box Transitions PDF to help you migrate from the beginner box to the main game. Also there is an extensive Forum Post detailing the differences - the summary is that the rules aren't different, just many rules are removed for the beginner box.

More detailed overview of the Forum post:


  • Only Dwarf, Elf and Human


  • Cleric
    • Does not talk about Domains, but they are still there, they just auto pick them based on your god
    • No Domain spells
  • Fighter
    • Auto Picks Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization at levels 1 and 4, respectively
  • Rogue
    • Smaller selection of Rogue Talents
  • Wizard
    • Only Universalist, Evocation, Illusion
    • No Bonus feat at Level 5

Skills & Feats

  • Reduced skill list, missing Appraise, Craft, Disguise, Escape Artist, Fly, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Knowledge: Engineering, Knowledge: Nobility, Knowledge: Planes, Linguistics, Perform, Sleight of Hand, Survival, and Use Magic Device
  • Strongly reduced feat list


  • No Attacks of Opportunity
  • No Charging on Surprise
  • No Combat Maneuvers or Combat Defense
  • No Concentration checks to cast spells, you cannot cast spells when you are next to an enemy unless it is a touch attack spell
  • No ranged attacks on adjacent targets


  • Ability score Boosts grant a bonus to what the stat affects
  • No Ability Damage or Drain
    • Poisons usually give the sickened condition or penalties on specific rolls
  • No negative levels
  • No max dex and no armor check penalty

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