The Circle of Stars druid's Chalice form has the benefit:

Whenever you cast a spell using a spell slot that restores hit points to a creature, you or another creature within 30 feet of you can regain hit points equal to 1d8 + your Wisdom modifier.

My question is whether this means "Whenever you cast a spell... that restores hit points" or "Whenever you cast a spell... that restores hit points". That is – is it important that you cast a spell AND hit points are restored? Or just that you cast the sort of spell that restores hit points.

This isn't an argument about the timing – it's clear the trigger is the casting of the spell from a timing standpoint. But suppose one were to cast a Healing Word, but the spell failed for some reason – e.g. it was counterspelled. Would the chalice benefit still occur?

Maybe counterspelling was a bad example. What about casting a healing spell on something that can't be healed? A dead animal. A table. A player who already is at max hp.

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If it doesn't heal any damage, the benefit would not trigger

The text for chalice form specifies that it triggers when you cast a spell, using a spell slot, that restores HP. It doesn't specify that it works for spells "capable of restoring HP".

Counterspell specifically prevents a spell from working so a counterspelled spell isn't eligible anyway.

Other effects, like being under the influence of a chill touch spell, would also prevent it from working since you wouldn't actually be restoring any HP to the target.


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