Beside Undeath's Blessing, is there a way to add temporary negative healing to a character?

A potion or a divine spell would be best, but any solution is welcome.


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Slim pickings

You could try wish. Not even that is clear, as there is no spell currently granting temporary undead status or negative healing, but it seems not out of range, power wise, if your GM agrees to it.

You also could get a Divine Intercession boon from Urgotha, that would grant you negative healing. Again, this is dependent on your GM cooperating.

Moderate Boon: Urgathoa blesses you as one of her children. You gain negative healing.

Divine intercession manifests as a boon of varying duration, so this may not be as temporary as you might wish.

Pierce the Veil is a relic that allows you to do this with fine control (its not easy to pick up being a major gift, but neither are the others):

While you are holding or wearing the relic, you have the negative healing ability (as though you were undead; positive energy harms you and negative energy heals you).

(Credit to this one goes to Matthew Well's answer, and it looks like the cleanest solution to me when it comes to control over how long it lasts).

Other than that, I don't think there currently are other effects that allow you to add temporary negative healing. You cannot polymorph into an undead as far as I can tell to gain the trait, and other options like becoming a Damphir or Lich seem way to permanent.


Pierce the Veil does exactly what you're looking for. It's not exactly easy to get though- it's a Major Gift, so you'll need a Death Aspect Relic to gain it, as well as being at least level 10 according to the recommended levels for advancing a relic. But if you can convince your GM to give you access to a Rare item and the right Gift, you're set.

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