It happened. In our latest venture, we were in the Deep Dreaming and had to Unleash our Arts.1 Obviously, this incurred a few points of Nightmare.2

Now, those points are burning like evil eyes in the darkness on my character sheet and I need to know if I can get rid of them in a way that is not invoking imbalance! Sure, I still got a lot of 'air', but accumulating Nightmare leads to Bedlam, and Bedlam is BAD! I'd rather try to cure the Nightmare now than thread the dangerous path to Bedlam.3

What mechanics can get rid of Nightmare?

1 - C20 p.196
2 - C20 p.274-275
3 - C20 p.294


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It's really hard. So far I found:

House Liam

If you meet someone from House Liam and can make him lay hands upon you, they can - for the price of a Glamour - remove a point of Nightmare with their birthright.1

1 - C20 p.134


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