The Planar Shepherd prestige class offers an ability at 5th level to temporarily apply the traits of a specific plane (chosen when you first take levels in the class) to the area around you.

Given the ability says the area is created "around yourself" and has a concentration-based duration measured in hours, I would assume the bubble moves with you, but is there anything that definitively states one way or another?


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Up to the DM

As so many things in D&D, the phrasing is vague enough that DM adjudication is necessary.

Planar Bubble (Su): Beginning at 5th level, once per day you can create an area around yourself that emulates the environment of your chosen plane. This area mimics all traits of your chosen plane, including physical traits, elemental and energy traits, alignment traits, and magic traits. This area has a 20-foot radius and lasts as long as you concentrate (up to a maximum of 1 hour per level) plus 1d10 rounds.

The key descriptor here is, "you can create an area around yourself", which does not specify which of the two valid interpretations you propose is the definite one.

  • The area is created around yourself, as in your then-current position, and remains there if you move away from it.
  • The area is created around yourself, as in around whatever position you are in for the duration of the effect.

I would judge it to be the latter, because we are dealing with a Supernatural ability I read functioning as basically your close association with another plane warping space around you, seeing as how there's no range mentioned. But your DM is the arbiter in your game, not me.


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