This is going to be a question to all the old-bees. Which D&D adventures (any edition) have a sun blade as a magic item? I thought Temple of the Frog did, but cannot find it in the module.


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  • I10 Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill, though it imposes a penalty if removed
  • Book of Lairs (Dragonlance Lairs), in the adventure Stahnk
  • FOR5 Elves of Evermeet, carried by Lady Ahskahala Durothil
  • FRE2 Tantras, carried by the avatar of Torm
  • The Ruins of Myth Drannor, in the adventure What We Face in Dreams
  • The Ruins of Undermountain (DM's choice)
  • Night Below, in a chest
  • HHQ5 Fighter's Challenge II, in an armory
  • Anauroch: The Empire of Shade, where one appears in Askilion's Tower
  • The Dungeon #17 adventure Out of the Ashes
  • The Dungeon #51 adventure Ailamere's Lair
  • The Dungeon #54 adventure Dark Thane Macbeth, where it is carried by Macduff
  • The Dungeon #71 adventure Dreadful Vestiges
  • The Dungeon #134 adventure Into the Wormcrawl Fissure, where it appears in Dragotha's hoard
  • The Dungeon #145 adventure City of Broken Idols
  • The Polyhedron #42 adventure The Charleston Academy, where the character Anastasia carries one
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In 5th Edition

In addition to Quadratic Wizard's exhaustive list for older editions, here are adventures from 5th edition that include a sun blade:

  • Candlekeep Mysteries
  • Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
  • Journey through the Radiant Citadel, in "Trench of Love Lost"
  • Out of the Abyss (Dawnbringer – not technically a Sun Blade, but it "has all the properties of a sun blade"
  • Curse of Strahd (the Sunsword – not technically a Sun Blade, but it "has all the properties of a sun blade")

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