Bleed Damage (CRB p452)

Weaknesses and resistances to physical damage apply.

So if I have 1d4 bleed damage, and cast Stoneskin on myself, the bleeding stops. But there are 3 subcategories of physical damage; bludgeoning, piercing, slashing.

If I received my bleed damage as part of an attack with a piercing weapon, would Barkskin reduce the amout?

The target gains resistance 2 to bludgeoning and piercing damage and weakness 3 to fire


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Bleed is physical damage, with no further type

Without any further clarification, bleed is not piercing, slashing, nor bludgeoning. There are creatures and effects that grant reduction to "physical" (or simply all) damage; only those effects reduce bleed as well.

Notably, in the Determine the Damage Type general rules section, Bleed is listed separately from the other physical damage and is called "Another special type of physical damage".


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