I'm trying to find a hopefully exhaustive list of all of the potential methods for increasing the number of spells per day a Sorcerer (or other spontaneous spellcaster, but I'm mostly interested in Sorcerer) can cast.

In previous editions and other flavours of d20 games there were quite a lot of options, but now in PF2e I can only find the listed options below:

  • Ring of Wizardry (restricted to Arcane tradition only)
  • Ring of Counterspells (arguable, kindof a spellslot but very limited)
  • Staves

Have I missed any? Is there any listed quote or intention as to why spontaneous spell casters get what appears to be so few of them, and even LESS for non-arcane casters? (might be off topic, I admit, but if you're not arcane you get basically staves and that's it?).

I'm not counting Wands or Scrolls or similar "use this and get a specific spell" items as part of this question, as they don't require or benefit you specifically as a spontaneous spell caster.

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    \$\begingroup\$ I think this one is probably fine, but see these meta posts for our guidance on list questions: Are "list questions" on topic?, What are list questions? \$\endgroup\$ Dec 8, 2022 at 13:52
  • \$\begingroup\$ @Ben are you interested in things like spellcasting archetypes, which give you more spells? These aren't Sorcerer spells, but they are feats a Sorcerer could take which give the Sorcerer more spells to cast. (If not, I'd expect the options to be very limited). \$\endgroup\$
    – ESCE
    Dec 8, 2022 at 17:35
  • \$\begingroup\$ If the archetypes are spontaneous, sure. I don't think I'd consider "also be a wizard" to count for having more spontaneous spells available. I should have remembered Wellspring Mage, and actually Cathartic Mage as well. \$\endgroup\$
    – Ben
    Dec 8, 2022 at 23:28

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There's actually quite a few options which grant extra spell slots to spontaneous casters, though most are gated behind specific classes/requirements.

I've also pulled out a few abilities that grant additional spells that aren't wands/scrolls as worth being mentioned for this.

Extra Spell Slots

  • Bloodline Breadth 8th-level Sorcerer Archetype Feat

    • Bonus lower-level spell slots
  • Candle of Invocation 16th-level Consumable

    • 2 bonus low-level spell slots
  • Conscious Spell Specialization 14th-level Psychic Feat

    • Bonus spell slots for conscious mind spells
  • Divine Effusion 18th-level Oracle Feat

    • Ignore empty spell slots twice, different levels
  • Divine Evolution 4th-level Sorcerer Feat

    • Bonus highest-level spell slot, only harm or heal
  • Divine Inspiration 8th-level Spell

    • Recover spent up to 6th-level spell slot
  • Greater Vital Evolution 16th-level Sorcerer Feat

    • Ignore empty spell slots twice, different levels
  • Master Summoner 6th-level Summoner Feat

    • Split spell slot into two for only summoning/incarnate spells
  • Mysterious Breadth 8th-level Oracle Archetype Feat

    • Bonus lower-level spell slots
  • Mystery Conduit 20th-level Oracle Feat

    • Unlimited 5th-level or lower spell slots, each increasing curse
  • Occult Breadth 8th-level Bard Archetype Feat

    • Bonus lower-level spell slots
  • Primal Evolution 4th-level Sorcerer Feat

    • Bonus highest-level spell slot, only summon animal/plant/fungus
    • Or with Greater Physical Evolution 12th-level Feat, any polymorph battle-form spell
  • Return to Essence 7th-level Spell

    • Disarm magical lock/trap and recover spent spell slot up to 3rd-level
    • Recover up to 6th-level if cast as a 10th-level spell
  • Ring of Wizardry 7th-level Item

    • 2-3 bonus low-level spell slots
  • Sepulchral Sublimation 14th-level Reanimator Archetype Feat

    • Destroy undead minion to not spend spell slot
    • Non-duration spells only, only up to half destroyed creature's level
  • Spell Battery Familiar Ability

    • One extra low-level spell slot, requires access to 4th-level spells
  • Studious Capacity 16th-level Bard Feat

    • Ignore empty spell slot, not highest level
  • Umbral Extraction 2nd-level Spell

    • Steal spell slot from other creature
  • Wellspring Mage Class Archetype

    • Less spell slots, but often one free spell slot per encounter
    • Initially limited 2x per day, at level 2 it's unlmited

Extra Spells

  • Absorb Spell 14th-level Spellmaster Feat

    • Cast a spell that you critically succeeded a save against once within 10 minutes
    • With 18th-level feat Retain Absorbed Spell can cast three times within 1 hour
  • Echoing Spell 18th-level Sorcerer Feat

    • Can cast 4th-level, no-duration spells twice over two turns from spell slots
  • Loaner Spell 8th-level Rogue Feat

    • Cast one 3rd-level or lower spell loaned from another caster
  • Second Chance Spell 18th-level Wizard Feat

    • Cast enchantment spell again on different creature after first critically succeeded save
    • Would need to be a wizard with a spontaneous-casting archetype for this question, but would work there
  • Spell Gem 16th-level Lich Feat

    • One extra spell cast without spending spell slot, from a specific list of spells
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    \$\begingroup\$ Thanks, that sort of thing is exactly what I was looking for! I realize I'd missed Wellspring Mage somehow (given its entire THING is getting back spellslots) later in the day after asking, but you've found so many things I've never heard of! I really should have remembered the familiar abilities though. Still surprised there's so few items nowadays, but I knew I was missing feats. \$\endgroup\$
    – Ben
    Dec 8, 2022 at 23:26

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