Roll20 recently released the "windows" and "doors" features for plus/pro subscribers, so that is great, and they are fun, but how do I remove them? They look and move like tokens, but you can't right-click and delete them.

I currently pile them up in some corner of the map when I no longer need them for that page, strikingly unelegant.


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You can delete them (and any other token etc. on the board) with the delete key. First, click on them once so they are selected (and highlighted), then simply press delete to remove the door. You're right, there currently does not seem to be a way to right-click on them and open the context menu, but keyboard shortcuts still work. They also need to be clicked on directly to be selected, you can not select multiple doors/windows at the same time like you can do with tokens.

This also seems to work from any layer, no matter which layer you actually placed the door/window on.


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