Taking the Psychic dedication I see Shield (amped) is listed as a Focus spell in Pathbuilder.

Can I cast it non amped as a cantrip? The dedication seems to say I can but the app doesn't automatically give it to me.


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Amping is optional:

...you can apply an amp only to a psi cantrip...

That's why Conscious Minds grant non-amped benefits to cantrips too, like the ability to target other people with Shield from The Tangible Dream.

It takes a Focus Point to amp, so that's why Shield (amped) is under your Focus spells. It's possible that you just need to select the Shield cantrip with your Psychic dedication feat; double check that feat to make sure you've selected the right cantrip. If it's not displaying normally, then that's a bug and should be reported via their system.


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