I'm new to Pathfinder (2e) in general and I wish to understand the magus class more.

So the magus spellstrike has a recharge mechanic before you can use it again, according the the action's definition this recharge action has the concentrate trait.

After you use Spellstrike, you can't do so again until you recharge your Spellstrike as a single action, which has the concentrate trait. You also recharge your Spellstrike when you cast a conflux spell that takes at least 1 action to cast; casting a focus spell of another type doesn't recharge your Spellstrike.

According to the tags of the Arcane Cascade feature, it also has the concentrate trait.

Does that mean the magus cannot use the recharge action while in Arcane Cascade?


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They can

Not being able to use two Concentrate effects is a D&D 5e thing, and there is no such rule in Pathfinder 2e. Concentrate is just a trait with no inherent mechanical effect.

An action with this trait requires a degree of mental concentration and discipline.

Other effects might reference Concentrate trait, such as Barbarians' Rage or Fighters' Disruptive Stance feat.


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