On the page for Weather (wind), it specifies at what point medium creatures get blown away by wind. 51+mph.

An F1 tornado is 73-112mph, which is a large range entirely above that threshold.

Is there a chart to measure the wind speeds required to knock larger creatures out of the sky/lift off the ground (say, dragons)


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Archives of Nethys has an expanded table

The Weather page of the SRD sanctioned by Paizo has an extended table including:

Wind Force | Wind Speed | Normal/Siege Weapons | Checked Size | Blown Away | Fly Penalty
Hurricane | 75-174 mph | Impossible/—4 | Large | Medium | -12
Tornado | 175-300 mph | Impossible/Impossible | Huge - Large | -16

The lower wind speeds are also adjusted up somewhat (e.g. Windstorm is 51-74 MPH).

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