ghost hunter states.

Your hunting pet is imbued with spirit energy. It gains potency when tracking or fighting the supernatural, and gains an arcane ability: ghost-form, mind-link, or arrow-swift. Take this ability again to choose an additional arcane ability for your pet.

"Your hunting pet" seems to be a prerequisite to this special ability. But, it also seems that the asset A trained hunting pet:

Your animal companion obeys your commands and anticipates your actions. Cohort (Expert: Hunter).

is exclusive to Hounds. So, is this special ability uniquely exclusive to the Hound Playbook, or can other playbooks pick up trained pets?


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No asset is truly exclusive.

So, just to be clear:

  • Anyone can take Ghost Hunter as a veteran advance.
  • Ghost Hunter provides no special access to a hunting pet, and does nothing without one.
  • Anyone can obtain a hunting pet as a permanent asset, and Ghost Hunter will work on that pet.

The game outlines the ways to acquire a permanent asset after the rules for spending downtime to acquire temporary assets:

If you want to acquire an asset permanently, you can either gain it as a crew upgrade or work on it as a long-term project to set up a permanent acquisition.

Zamira the Whisper is a duelist and would like a fine sword to add to her permanent items. Her player starts a long-term project: "Get My Family Sword Back from the Pawn Shop." The GM says this is an 8-clock (she can work on it by Consorting or Swaying the pawn shop owner or maybe rolling her lifestyle level to represent small payments).

-- "Downtime Activities" from the SRD

A cohort is a standard crew upgrade, and as far as acquiring gear goes, a hunting pet is as much a signature part of kit as a fine weapon, so an 8-clock would probably be appropriate for picking one up.


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