The ability to change into various forms using Greater Metamorphosis includes the assumption that when there are more than one creature of a particular race, they do NOT count as a unique individuals for the purpose of the power, or at least their collective average does not count. This also seems to apply to subtypes of a given race which are also valid targets.

It also allows one to gain all extraordinary and Supernatural special attacks and qualities of the creature.

Should there be a number of creatures that have a given base and/or prestige class, would that count both as non-unique and as an effective subtype of said race, or in any case making suoernatural class features (listed in the Special Attacks or Special Qualities in NPC start blocks) a valid target for Greater Metamorphosis and/or Assume Supernatural Ability?


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Creatures with class levels are unique

Greater Metamorphosis says:

As metamorphosis, except that this power enables you to assume the form of any single nonunique object or creature (of any type)

Assume Supernatural Ability says:

You learn to use a single supernatural ability of another kind of creature while assuming its form

So, is an improved monster that has class levels still a generic type or kind of monster, or is it unique? The rules for Improving Monsters say:

Each of the monster entries describes a typical creature of its kind. However, there are several methods by which extraordinary or unique monsters can be created using a typical creature as the foundation: by adding character classes, increasing a monster’s Hit Dice, or by adding a template to a monster.

So, class levels (or templates, which are explictly exempt from Metamorphosis) turn a typical creature of its type into an extraordinary or unique creature. It is not a typcial creature any more, it is unique, an individual creature. Greater Metamorphosis or Assume Supernatural Ability do not apply to it or its expanded Supernatural Abilities.


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