I'm reading Mage: The Ascension (I believe it's second edition). The description of the Avatar background says that "the rank of Avatar also represents the limit of Quintessence points that a Mage can channel for a effect".

So, if a Mage doesn't has Avatar, it cannot:

  • Cast spells that create matter. Can they create fireball and stuff?
  • Use Quintessence to lower spell difficulty.

Considering if this is true, a Mage with a Tass available cannot use its Quintessence in case they absorb it? Quintessence has pratically no value if you don't have Avatar?


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Mages with an Avatar rating of zero (which is different from not having an awakened avatar, but I imagine that's clear to you) can use Quintessence in the form of tass so long as they have Prime of 1. They can also gather quintessence by burning their pattern, gaining one point of quint for each level of aggravated damage they take.

Spells that involve creating something from nothing — Matter, Life, or Forces — do require Prime 2. However, without it, you can still use those Spheres to craft or shape existing material for your use. A Mage with Forces 3 and Prime 2 can conjure a lightning bolt from the air — but one with Forces 2 can pull the electricity from a power main for a similar effect.


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