Helmsman's Recourse is a specific shield from Treasure Vault, that is based on a Meteor Shield. The only benefit of a Meteor Shield over a Steel Shield (that I can see) is that it can be thrown to 30 feet.

The Returning property rune solves this problem of thrown weapons, but Helmsman's Recourse is a specific item, so only fundamental runes can be added to it, not property runes.

So if I throw my Helmsman's Recourse, how do I get it back?

Going there and picking it up is an option, I am looking for something more efficient.


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You can add a Returning rune to it

You just have to add a Shield Spike or a Shield Boss to the shield first, then this attachment can have both property and fundamental runes.

There are some other (in my opinion, weaker) options:

Ricochet Stance

It is a feat for 8th level Rogues or 6th level Fighters. While in this stance, and not throwing further than the first range increment, the shield returns back to you after a throw.

Returning Throw

This Dwarf feat is worse than the above, and of higher level, but at least it uses an ancestry feat.

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