Taste of blood is an ability that lets a vampire gather some information from blood they taste. From VtR2e p. 91:

In addition to being able to smell blood and to identify and track with blood, Kindred discern subtle cues from blood they taste.

If vampire uses it on vitae of another vampire, do they risk bond and vitae addiction?


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VtR2e p. 100:

Any time a character imbibes a point or more of Vitae, it creates or reinforces a blood bond. The bond comes in three stages, usually at the first, second, and third drinks.

It seems like it is required to consume a point or more. So, as long as vampire tastes it, but doesn't restore vitae, there is no risk of bond and addiction.

I guess it would make sense to roll for frenzy if Vampire feeds from the source, but it is on ST's discretion.


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