I am not satisfied entirely with Dnd 5e potions crafting. I am considering to implement simple system, which doesnt take so much time of downtime activity to craft, but needs specific ingredients. For example, lets take Skyrim (elders scrolls) or Witchers game - if you mix that and this so you would have potion of darkvision.

Do you know the system, that has those recipies specified and can be applied to Dnd?


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The Angry GM have made a concept around herbalism that could be reskinned for potion crafting. It lets the character gather ingredients from different biomes and create non-magical products. It is not much, but can be expanded with your own concoctions.


I have tried to implement this for a player in a campaign. My experience was that the player first loved its own "minigame" of herbalism, but quickly lost interest after a few levels since they got access to better solutions - more and stronger spells.


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