A little context for my character, I am currently playing a kobold Sorcerer with the Gold Dragon, Efreeti, and Phoenix bloodlines and my DM gave be the Gold Dragon Mythic path from Wrath of the Righteous reflavored into a crystal dragon so I have 3 dragon feats that allow me to take any feat without any of the prerequisites and I was planning on taking "Final Embrace Master" for my second one and I have a few questions on how it would play into my build.

The first question I have is weather or not a constrict attack is even possible for a dragon considering this feat is meant for a Naga and considering Nagas are almost all tail would my character even be able to perform a constrict attack?

The second question is: would I still be able to make attacks if I am constricting someone because the rules for grappling someone are somewhat vague to me and everywhere I look it doesn't say that I can or can't make additional attacks to targets I am grappling.

And the final question is if and how this would combo with Vital Strike? From what I can see Vital Strike can be used with any attack that isn't a spell attack so could I Vital Strike a Constrict attack, and if I can, would the vital strike damage apply to each round of constrict damage, or only the first turn, or would I have to keep activating Vital Strike each round for it to apply?


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Constrict is an ability that some monsters have, it's not a special attack anyone can make. i.e. If we look at the statblock of a Viper Vine we can see that under it's special attacks it has listed:

constrict (1d6+8)

So if your character has the constrict ability while in dragon form (which gold dragons normally don't have), they would be able to use as per normal.


You can attack while grappling, there's nothing preventing you from doing so.

However, grapples have some rules associated with them:

  • You have a -4 penalty to Dex.
  • You cannot use more than 1 hand for actions.
  • You take a -2 penalty to all attack and combat maneuver rolls
  • It's a standard action to maintain a grapple by default, which is the same action needed to make a single attack, and in order to make more than 1 attack you have to take a full-round action.

So while, yes, you can attack, it's also kind of bad to do so.


Constrict doesn't work Vital Strike at all.

When you use the attack action

Vital strike only works with attack action, constrict occurs when you make a grapple check which is different.


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