I thought I would ask a different take on a question that seems to be asked often here (I need an adventure for level x)

What I am looking for is a list of official sources and the recommended level(s) to play through the adventure. I understand there are ways to make things more difficult for more experienced/higher level players but I was hoping to find a nice list of adventures with the recommended playing levels for playing as-is.

Hopefully this will stop me having to keep googling "which adventures are best for a level x party" and getting the same answers for different levels!

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Here is a list of the published adventures by Wizards of the Coast, spanning from well known "official" hardcover modules to more obscure content like charity PDFs and Adventurer's League modules.

Hardcovers & Boxed Sets

Wikipedia provides a list of the official 5e modules and boxed sets, along with modules for other editions of the game. The list gives you the level ranges for each of them in the last column.

Title Levels
The Lost Mine of Phandelver (revamped as Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk, see below) 1-5
Hoard of the Dragon Queen 1-8
The Rise of Tiamat 8-15
Princes of the Apocalypse 1-15
Out of the Abyss 1-15
Curse of Strahd 1-10
Storm King's Thunder 1-11
Tomb of Annihilation 1-9+
Waterdeep: Dragon Heist 1-5
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage 5-20
Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus 1-13
Tyranny of Dragons (includes Hoard of the Dragon Queen and The Rise of Tiamat) 1-15
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden 1-12
The Wild Beyond the Witchlight 1-8
Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep 3-12
Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen 1-11
Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk 1-12
Tales from the Yawning Portal (includes 7 adventures) 1-11+ [1-3, 3-5, 5-8, 8-9, 9-11, 11-14, 10-14]
Ghosts of Saltmarsh (includes 7 adventures) 1-12 [1-2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11]
Candlekeep Mysteries (includes 17 adventures) 1-16 (one for each level 1-16, and an extra one for level 4)
Journeys through the Radiant Citadel (includes 13 adventures) 1-14 (one for level 1-2, and one more for each level from 2 to 14)
Keys From the Golden Vault (includes 13 adventures) 1-11 (one for each level, with an extra one for each level 5 and 8)
Boxed/Starter Set
Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set 3-4
Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit 1-6
Dungeons & Dragons vs. Rick and Morty 1-3
Curse of Strahd: Revamped 1–10
Spelljammer: Adventures in Space 5-8
Starter Set: Dragons of Stormwreck Isle 1–3
Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse 3-10, 17

Most campaign books start at level 1, and most will take you up all the way to level 10 to 15, so there is no need to find different adventures at each given level. Among these, Hoard of the Dragon Queen / Rise of Tiamat and the two Waterdeep: modules are designed to be played in sequence.

If you however prefer to string together a campaign from standalone short adventures, of particular interest may be the Anthologies, which contain shorter unrelated, or loosely related adventures across a range of the levels. The list is not that long, so it should not be so hard to quickly scan it to see which one supports play for a level you have in mind.

Charity Modules and Crossovers

There are also a number of extras that have been published for charity events or from popular live-streaming shows, like The Lost Laboratory of Kwalish, or Dungeons of Drakkenheim (level 1-13). I've not inculuded all of those, but you can find a list of them on D&D Beyond.

There are more adventures offered on DM's Guild by Wizards of the Coast. It is a bit unclear which of them one would count as "official", for example the highly rated Chains of Asmodeus is offered by Wizards of the Coast but is not using the Dungeons & Dragons name, it just says "Fifth Edition".

Title Levels
The Tortle Package 1–4
The Lost Kenku 4
X Marks the Spot 4
Lost Laboratory of Kwalish 5–10
Krenko's Way 1–2
A Zib for Your Thoughts 2
Hunt for the Thessalhydra 3–4
Locathah Rising 9
Infernal Machine Rebuild 5–10
The Lost Dungeon of Rickedness: Big Rick Energy 1–3
Eberron: Rising from the Last War: Forgotten Relics 1
Wildemount: Tide of Retribution 1–3
Wildemount: Dangerous Designs 1–3
Wildemount: Frozen Sick 1–3
Wildemount: Unwelcome Spirits 1–3
Return to the Glory 6–8
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: In Scarlet Flames 8
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: The Hidden Page 8–9
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: A Verdant Tomb 9
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: Deepest Night 9–10
Adventures in the Forgotten Realms: From Cyan Depths 10
NERDS Restoring Harmony: The Candy Mountain Caper 1–3
NERDS Restoring Harmony: A Voice in the Wilderness 1–3
NERDS Restoring Harmony: A Sticky Situation 1–3
NERDS Restoring Harmony: Circus of Illusion 1–3
NERDS Restoring Harmony: The Lost Tomb 1–3
NERDS Restoring Harmony: A Web of Lies 1–3
NERDS Restoring Harmony: Adventure Together 1–3
Spelljammer Academy 1–4
Giants of the Star Forge 16
Lightning Keep 3
Chains of Asmodeus 11–20
Peril in Pinebrook 1
Heroes' Feast: Saving the Childrens Menu 10

Adventurer's League Modules

Also official were the D&D Expeditions and Adventurer's League modules that originally matched the most recent hardcover adventure published (data courtesy of Forgotten Realms Fandom Wiki, who also have more detail on the adventures).

Season 1 - Tyranny of Dragons Levels Range
DDEX1-01 - Defiance in Phlan 1st – 2nd
DDEX1-02 - Secrets of Sokol Keep 1st – 4th
DDEX1-03 - Shadows over the Moonsea 1st – 4th
DDEX1-04 - Dues for the Dead 1st – 4th
DDEX1-05 - The Courting of Fire 1st – 4th
DDEX1-06 - The Scroll Thief 1st – 4th
DDEX1-07 - Drums in the Marsh 1st – 4th
DDEX1-08 - Tales Trees Tell 1st – 4th
DDEX1-09 - Outlaws of the Iron Route 1st – 4th
DDEX1-10 - Tyranny in Phlan 5th – 10th
DDEX1-11 - Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle 5th – 10th
DDEX1-12 - Raiders of the Twilight Marsh 5th – 10th
DDEX1-13 - Pool of Radiance Resurgent 5th – 10th
DDEX1-14 - Escape from Phlan 5th – 10th
DDEP1-1 - Corruption in Kryptgarden 1st – 5th
Season 2 - Elemental Evil Levels Range
DDEX2-01 - City of Danger 1st – 2nd
DDEX2-02 - Embers of Elmwood 1st – 4th
DDEX2-03 - The Drowned Tower 5th – 10th
DDEX2-04 - Mayhem in the Earthspur Mines 5th – 10th
DDEX2-05 - Flames of Kythorn 1st – 4th
DDEX2-06 - Breath of the Yellow Rose 1st – 4th
DDEX2-07 - Bounty in the Bog 1st – 4th
DDEX2-08 - Foulness Beneath Mulmaster 5th – 10th
DDEX2-09 - Eye of the Tempest 5th – 10th
DDEX2-10 - Cloaks and Shadows 1st – 4th
DDEX2-11 - Oubliette of Fort Iron 1st – 4th
DDEX2-12 - Dark Rites at Fort Dalton 1st – 4th
DDEX2-13 - The Howling Void 5th – 10th
DDEX2-14 - The Sword of Selfaril 5th – 10th
DDEX2-15 - Black Heart of Vengeance 5th – 10th
DDEX2-16 - Boltsmelter's Book 1st – 4th
DDEP2-1 - Mulmaster Undone 1st – 10th
Season 3 - Rage of Demons Levels Range
DDEX3-01 - Harried in Hillsfar 1st – 2nd
DDEX3-02 - Shackles of Blood 1st – 4th
DDEX3-03 - The Occupation of Szith Morcane 5th – 10th
DDEX3-04 - It's All in the Blood 11th – 16th
DDEX3-05 - Bane of the Tradeways 1st – 4th
DDEX3-06 - No Foolish Matter 1st – 4th
DDEX3-07 - Herald of the Moon 5th – 10th
DDEX3-08 - The Malady of Elventree 5th – 10th
DDEX3-09 - The Waydown 5th – 10th
DDEX3-10 - Quelling the Horde 1st – 4th
DDEX3-11 - The Quest for Sporedome 5th – 10th
DDEX3-12 - Hillsfar Reclaimed 1st – 4th
DDEX3-13 - Writhing in the Dark 5th – 10th
DDEX3-14 - Death on the Wall 1st – 4th
DDEX3-15 - Szith Morcane Unbound 5th – 10th
DDEX3-16 - Assault on Maerimydra 11th – 16th
DDEP3 - Blood Above, Blood Below 1st – 16th
Season 4 - Curse of Strahd Levels Range
DDAL4-01 - Suits of the Mists 1st – 2nd
DDAL4-02 - The Beast 1st – 4th
DDAL4-03 - The Executioner 1st – 4th
DDAL4-04 - The Marionette 1st – 4th
DDAL4-05 - The Seer 1st – 4th
DDAL4-06 - The Ghost 1st – 4th
DDAL4-07 - The Innocent 5th – 10th
DDAL4-08 - The Broken One 5th – 10th
DDAL4-09 - The Tempter 5th – 10th
DDAL4-10 - The Artifact 5th – 10th
DDAL4-11 - The Donjon 5th – 10th
DDAL4-12 - The Raven 5th – 10th
DDAL4-13 - The Horseman 5th – 10th
DDAL4-14 - The Darklord 5th – 10th
DDEP4 - Reclamation of Phlan 1st – 16th
Season 5 - Storm King's Thunder Levels Range
DDAL5-01 - Treasure of the Broken Hoard 1st – 2nd
DDAL5-02 - The Black Road 1st – 4th
DDAL5-03 - Uninvited Guests 1st – 4th
DDAL5-04 - In Dire Need 5th – 10th
DDAL5-05 - A Dish Best Served Cold 5th – 10th
DDAL5-06 - Beneath the Fetid Chelimber 1st – 4th
DDAL5-07 - Chelimber's Descent 1st – 4th
DDAL5-08 - Durlag's Tower 11th – 16th
DDAL5-09 - Durlag's Tomb 11th – 16th
Season 6 - Tales From the Yawning Portal Levels Range
DDAL6-01 - A Thousand Tiny Deaths 1st – 4th
DDAL6-02 - The Redemption of Kelvan 5th – 10th
DDAL6-03 - Crypt of the Death Giants 17th – 20th
DDEP6-01 - Relics of Khundrukar 1st – 10th
DDEP6-02 - Return to White Plume Mountain 1st – 10th
DDEP6-03 - Hecatomb 11th – 20th
DDIA06 - The Sunless Citadel 1st – 4th
Season 7 - Tomb of Annihilation Levels Range
DDAL07-01 - A City on the Edge 1st – 4th
DDAL07-02 - Over the Edge 5th – 10th
DDAL07-03 - A Day at the Races 1st – 4th
DDAL07-04 - A Walk in the Park 1st – 4th
DDAL07-05 - Whispers in the Dark 1st – 4th
DDAL07-06 - Fester and Burn 5th – 10th
DDAL07-07 - Rotting Roots 5th – 10th
DDAL07-08 - Putting the Dead to Rest 5th – 10th
DDAL07-09 - Unusual Opposition 11th – 16th
DDAL07-10 - Fire, Ash, and Ruin 11th – 16th
DDAL07-11 - A Lesson in Love 11th – 16th
DDAL07-12 - In Search of Secrets 11th – 16th
DDAL07-13 - Old Bones and Older Tomes 11th – 16th
DDAL07-14 - Fathomless Pits of Ill Intent 11th – 16th
DDAL07-15 - Streams of Crimson 17th – 20th
DDAL07-16 - Pools of Cerulean 17th – 20th
DDAL07-17 - Cauldron of Sapphire 17th – 20th
DDAL07-18 - Turn Back the Endless Night 17th – 20th
DDEP07-01 - Peril at the Port 1st – 10th
DDEP07-02 - Drums of the Dead 1st – 20th
Season 8 - Waterdeep Levels Range
DDAL08-00 - Once in Waterdeep 1st – 4th
DDAL08-01 - The Map with No Names 1st – 4th
DDAL08-02 - Beneath the City of the Dead 1st – 4th
DDAL08-03 - Dock Ward Double-Cross 1st – 4th
DDAL08-04 - A Wrinkle in the Weave 1st – 4th
DDAL08-05 - Hero of the Troll Wars 1st – 4th
DDAL08-06 - Purging the Blood 1st – 4th
DDAL08-07 - Into the Dark 5th – 10th
DDAL08-08 - Crypt of the Dark Kiss 5th – 10th
DDAL08-09 - Fangs and Frogs 5th – 10th
DDAL08-10 - The Skull Square Murders 5th – 10th
DDAL08-11 - Poisoned Words 5th – 10th
DDAL08-12 - Xanathar's Wrath 5th – 10th
DDAL08-13 - The Vampire of Skullport 11th – 16th
DDAL08-14 - Rescue from Vanrakdoom 11th – 16th
DDAL08-15 - Forge of Fangs 11th – 16th
DDAL08-16 - A Change of Address 17th – 20th
DDAL08-17 - The Tower of Ahghairon 17th – 20th
DDAL08-18 - Moving Day 17th – 20th
DDEP08-01 - Chaos in the City of Splendors 1st – 4th
DDEP08-02 - Stardock Under Siege 1st – 16th
DDEP08-03 - Last Orders at the Yawning Portal 1st – 20th
Season 9 - Avernus Rising Level Range
DDAL09-01 - Escape from Elturgard 1st – 2nd
DDAL09-02 - Stopped at the Gate 1st – 4th
DDAL09-03 - Hungry Shadows 1st – 4th
DDAL09-04 - Day of the Devil 1st – 4th
DDAL09-05 - Faces of Fortune 5th – 10th
DDAL09-06 - Infernal Insurgency 5th – 10th
DDAL09-07 - The Diabolical Dive 5th – 10th
DDAL09-08 - In the Garden of Evil 5th – 10th
DDAL09-09 - Ruined Prospects 5th – 10th
DDAL09-10 - Tipping the Scales 5th – 10th
DDAL09-11 - Losing Fai 5th – 10th
DDAL09-12 - The Breath of Life 11th – 16th
DDAL09-13 - The Swarmed Heart 11th – 16th
DDAL09-14 - The Vast Emptiness of Grace 11th – 16th
DDAL09-15 - Maddening Screams 11th – 16th
DDAL09-16 - Honors Unforeseen 11th – 16th
DDAL09-17 - In the Hand 11th – 16th
DDAL09-18 - Consequences of Choice 11th – 16th
DDAL09-19 - Fang and Claw 17th – 20th
DDAL09-20 - Where Devils Fear to Tread 17th – 20th
DDEP09-01 - Infernal Pursuits 1st – 10th
DDEP09-02 - Hellfire Requiem 1st – 4th
DDEP09-03 - Liar's Night 1st – 4th
Season 10 - Plague of Ancients Level Range
DDAL10-00 - Ice Road Trackers 1st – 2nd
DDAL10-01 - The Frozen North 1st – 2nd
DDAL10-02 - Gnashing Teeth 1st – 4th
DDAL10-03 - Divining Evil 1st – 4th
DDAL10-04 - Cold Benevolence 1st – 4th
DDAL10-05 - A Blight in the Darkness 5th – 10th
DDAL10-06 - The Fallen Star 5th – 10th
DDAL10-07 - Into Darkness 5th – 10th
DDAL10-08 - Volatile Thoughts 5th – 10th
DDAL10-09 - Recipe for Retribution 5th – 10th
DDAL10-10 - Burying the Past 10th – 13th
DDEP10-00 - The Great Knucklehead Rally 1st – 4th
DDEP10-01 - Terror in Ten Towns 1st – 4th
DDEP10-02 - Song of Spears 5th – 13th
Dreams of the Red Wizards Level Range
DDAL-DRW01 - Breaking Umberlee's Resolve 5th - 10th
DDAL-DRW02 - Blood in the Water 5th - 10th
DDAL-DRW03 - Saving Silverbeard 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW04 - Foreign Affairs 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW05 - Uncertain Scrutiny 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW06 - Thimblerigging 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW07 - Moment of Peace 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW08 - The Harrowing of Hell 17th - 20th
DDAL-DRW09 - Vile Bounty 5th - 10th
DDAL-DRW10 - Unsafe Harborage 5th - 10th
DDAL-DRW11 - Shadows in the Stacks 5th - 10th
DDAL-DRW12 - To Walk the Cold Dark 5th - 10th
DDAL-DRW13 - Night Thieves 5th - 10th
DDAL-DRW14 - The City That Should Not Be 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW15 - Frozen Whispers 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW16 - Uprising 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW17 - Expedition to the Supreme Forge 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW18 - Against the Machine 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW19 - Fall the Cold Night 17th - 20th
DDAL-DRW20 - The Death of Szass Tam 17th - 20th
DDAL-DRW-INT-01 - Big Problems 1st - 4th
DDAL-DRW-INT-02 - Watchers of the Trollclaws 1st - 4th
DDAL-DRW-INT-03 - A Red Day for Elventree 1st - 4th
DDAL-DRW-INT-04 - Tales of Fang and Claw 1st - 4th
DDEP-DRW01 - Assault on Myth Nantar 5th - 16th
DDEP-DRW02 - Wings of Death 11th - 20th
DDAL-DRW-EP-03 - When the Lights Went Out in Candlekeep 5th - 10th & 11th - 16th
DDAL-DRW-EP-04 - Tears Among the Stars 11th - 16th & 17th - 20th

Thanks to @nitsua60 and @Kerrik for pointing out sources to help complete this list.

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