In 5e, I'd like to know the ways in which a creature can have immunity to all types of nonmagical damage, either through a stat block or a magic item. Specifically, I'm looking for a complete list from the three core rulebooks of all creatures and magic items that are specifically able to resist all nonmagical damage, such as Armor of Invulnerability.


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For all nonmagical damage, there are only a handful options

I'll keep this focused on the three core rulebooks as requested, i.e. the Monster Manual for monsters, and the Dungeon Masters Guide for magic items 1.


There is no monster in the Monster Manual that continuously has resistance or immunity to ALL types of damage from nonmagical attacks. In fact, the only types of damage that have it "from nonmagical attacks" are bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing2. There likewise is no monster that has resistance or immunity to simply all damage, which would include nonmagical damage.

Near misses: A few monsters can become ethereal (like the ghost, or the phase spider), and by that effectively become immune to damage on the material plane, magical or otherwise, but that is not the same as resistance or immunity, and it also limits how they can interact with the material plane. The mummy lord undertaking their Whirlwind of Sands attack is immune to all damage, including nonmagical damage, but it cannot sustain this all the time. Monsters with petrification attacks like a medusa might be able to petrify themselves if they can find a mirror, which will give them resistance to all damage in their petrified state, but I think that is not what you have in mind. The Vampire in mist form is immune to all nonmagical damage expcept the radiant damage it takes from sunlight -- but it also cannot take any actions, speak or manipulate objects in this form.

Magic Items

  • Armor of Invulnerability is your best option. It gives resistance to nonmagical damage all the time, and immunity to it once it is activated for a limited time.
  • Potion of Invulnerability for a little time gives you resistance to all damage, and that includes nonmagical damage.
  • Shield of Missile Attraction provides resistance to any kind of damage, but only from ranged weapon attacks

This excludes second-order effects: monsters or magic items that can cast spells that make the target "immune to all damage" like resilient sphere or "resistant to all damage" like warding bond are not listed. Because in those cases the immunity or resistance is not inherent to the monster or item, it is an effect of the spell that is caused by the monster or item. Otherwise, you could add things like a spell scroll, a ring of three wishes or a luckblade to the list.

P.S. For any nonmagical damage, there are many more monsters

Below are all the monsters and magic items that grant immunity or resistance to a damage type from attacks described as "nonmagical". 2


The following provide immunity to some nonmagical damage type.

  • Androsphinx
  • Couatl
  • Demilich
  • Empyrean
  • Jackalwere
  • Kraken
  • Lich
  • Mummy Lord
  • Tarrasque
  • Werebear
  • Wereboar
  • Wererat
  • Weretiger
  • Werewolf

As an extra shout out, lava children are immune to metal weapons, which will include many nonmagical ones (but even works on magical ones -- if you are not prepared for that, it can be surprsingly tough).


Resistance to nonmagial damage is common for angels, fiends (demons, yugoloths, devils and others), and more powerful undead and elementals, plus a few other monsters. Here is the list

Fiend Fiend (Devil) Undead Elemental Other Angel
Arcanaloth Barbed Devil Banshee Earth Elemental Basilisk Deva
Balor Bearded Devil Ghost Fire Elemental Grick Planetar
Cambion Bone Devil Mummy Invisible Stalker Grick alpha Solar
Glabrezu Chain Devil Shadow Magmin Gynosphinx
Goristro Erinyes Specter Salamander Intellect Devourer
Hezrou Horned Devil Vampire Water Elemental Scarecrow
Marilith Ice Devil Vampire Spawn Air Elemental
Nalfeshnee Imp Wight
Night Hag Pit Fiend Will-o'-Wisp
Quasit Spined Devil Wraith

1 There are only few monsters in the PH, and only one magic item, the healing potion. In any case, the versions of the imp and quasit in the PH also received errata to match the MM language for resistances.

2 "magical" is not a damage type, any damage can be magical or non-magical (except force, which is always magical). For damage to count as magical, it needs to say that it is magical, or come from one of the other things that count as magical, a magic item, spell, spell attack, or an ability fueled by spell slots.

If a creature to has resistance or immunity to a type of damage only when it is nonmagical, the rules use the language that it is immune or resistant to that type of damage "from nonmagical attacks" (in some cases plus some other loophole that can overcome the resistance, like "that are not silvered" or "that are not adamantine"). There were errata that changed the language used for this from "nonmagical weapons" in older printings to "nonmagical attacks", to make it more general. For example a fire elemental has

Damage Resistances Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing from Nonmagical Attacks
Damage Immunities Fire, Poison

In the MM, this "from nonmagical attacks" rider is exclusively applied to the physical damage types: bludgeoning, piercing and slashing. There is no monster, for example, that is resistant to normal fire, but not to magical fire, or in other words, that is resistant to "fire from nonmagical attacks". There is no monster that is resistant to "poison from nonmagical attacks". And so on for all the other damage types. Even the storm giant, who himself can hurl "magical lightning bolts" is just immune to lightning, magical or otherwise, so they cannot hurt each other with their bolts.

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