My character spoke Abyssal, but it is not available in Foundry after the Remaster. There is a table in the Remaster Core Preview document with the old and new names for the languages, but I do not see Abyssal there:

Old New Element or Place
Aquan Thalassic Water
Auran Susurran Air
Ignan Pyric Fire
Terran Petran Earth
Abyssal ? The Outer Rifts (formerly known as Abyss)
Infernal ? Hell? (formerly known as Nine Hells)

(Also, is the Nine Hells now just Hell?)


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Chthonian and Diabolic, Respectively

In Foundry with the Pathfinder 2e system this can be viewed under Game Settings->Remaster Changes->2. Rules and Languages, which I've copied below and seems current to what's available in the Player Core.


Several languages have been renamed.

  • Abyssal is now Chthonian.
  • Aquan is now Thalassic.
  • Auran is now Sussuran.
  • Celestial is now Empyrean.
  • Druidic is now Wildsong.
  • Gnoll is now Kholo.
  • Ignan is now Pyric.
  • Infernal is now Diabolic.
  • Sylvan is now Fey.
  • Terran is now Petran.
  • Undercommon is now Sakvroth.

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