In the Dragonlance setting of D&D, what color is goblin blood?

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At least, in the books it is black.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Chapter 1, a few paragraphs before the end:

Flint wiped black goblin blood from his axe blade.

Additional support can be found elsewhere, such as Tales II Vol. I The Reign of Istar, 'The Silken Threads', which mentions black goblin blood several times:

Her fine silk blouse was splattered with blood, and the silver moon's light showed me that it wasn't black goblin blood. It was as red as rose petals, and it was hers.

He pried her fingers from the sword she still held, fingers gummed black with goblin blood.

Akar whistled. A horse as black as goblin's blood - which was, indeed, the steed's name - cantered into the clearing, drawing behind it a small wooden cart.


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