In pathfinder 2, a Flaming Skull has a ranged attack called spitfire:

Ranged [one-action] spitfire +10 [+6/+2] (agile, fire), Damage 1d12+2 fire

What is the range increment for this attack?


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There isn’t one listed, but it is almost certainly 20 feet.

This is almost certainly an editing error or oversight - it happens from time to time, and likely won’t be fixed until and unless the monster gets reprinted.

However, in the Mantle of Gold adventure (Book one of Sky King's Tomb, there is a variant Flaming Skull introduced, the Sporeborn Skull.

The Sporeborn Skull has the following Ranged Attack:

Ranged [One Action] Spittle +10 [+6 / +2] (Acid, Agile, Range Increment 20 feet), Damage 1d12+2 Acid.

Other than swapping out Fire for Acid damage, this ability is identical to the Flaming Skull's spitfire. The Sporeborn Skull shares a level with the Flaming Skull, and it's other attacks follow a similar pattern of being numerically equivalent, with fire swapped for poison/acid.

Given the clear range definition on the variant, I'd use that for the base monster as well.


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