Note: This question is a thought experiment.

The stress of casting this spell to produce any effect other than duplicating another spell weakens you... there is a 33 percent chance that you are unable to cast wish ever again if you suffer this stress.

What if you wish for time to be reversed?

Here, 'reverse time' does not refer to any spell in the D&D compendium - it simply means 'turning time back to a specific point', undoing all actions and reverting the world to its state at that point in time. It does not mean usage of the 8th level 'Reverse Time' spell and is unrelated.

I can see a few options here that would stem from the casting of Wish to reverse time:

  1. Since time is reversed, it is as if the PC never casted Wish in the first place - thus, they would retain the Wish spell.

  2. The PC wouldn't suffer the stress of casting Wish, since it never would have been casted.

  3. It would essentially be a 'free' 'back-in-time' reversal.

Of course, there's also a chance the casting would fail.

Assuming the DM would allow the casting of Wish to turn back time, not penalizing the PC for any of the above would be ridiculously broken.

What penalties could the DM add to the casting of Wish to reverse time?

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    \$\begingroup\$ This question is very unclear. Are you talking about using a 9th level Wish to cast the 8th level Reverse Time spell? If so, why is that more unbalanced than the 8th level spell itself? \$\endgroup\$
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