My Ranger is dual wielding. 2e rules say I forgo the dual wield penalty if I wear studded leather. Where does dragonskin fit into this?


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Where does dragonskin fit into this?

It doesn't. Assuming you mean dragon skin from the monster manual, it doesn't say.

If I remember correctly, it doesn't say anything about being equivalent to anything else, didn't say anything about interacting with "special" abilities like dual wielding or thieving and the Armor class was a variable, too, based on the dragon so even just "assuming" some equivalency based on stats is pointless.

You could release your inner rules lawyer and argue that since it says "studded leather or lighter", a dragon skin armour weights exactly the same, so it is neither studded leather, nor "lighter" strictly speaking.

As so much in early editions, the entry in the MM was never meant as a hard rule, but as a cool and fun idea for the DM to build on. Your DM can tell you what they think it will do in their world.

Personally, I think in my group we would have allowed it. I mean the group slew a dragon. Surely that justifies a reward slightly better than a studded leather armor you can buy in the next village.

  • \$\begingroup\$ That's what I was thinking about the weight. The manual says "studded leather or lighter," and it's the same weight as studded leather. I guess I wasn't sure it meant lighter as in weight or lighter as in protection. \$\endgroup\$
    – vol.2
    Commented May 20 at 21:19

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