My party is trying get back to civilization alive (a city five days travel away), but we have two characters in the final stages of Filth Fever*: a 5th-level Paladin of Pelor and a 4th-level Rogue.

We also have a 3rd-level Artificer and a 2nd-level Wizard. What are our healing options?

Will any of these work?

  1. Artificer's Healing infusion (since it doesn't use the target's healing surges)
  2. Extended rest: can they still recover HP even if they don't recover any healing surges?
  3. Potion of cure light wounds** (also doesn't require healing surges)

* They lose all healing surges and cannot regain hit points, and suffer –2 penalty to AC, Fortitude defense, and Reflex defense.
** From Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium


No, none of those will work.

The disease says they lose all healing surges and cannot regain hit points. They cannot be healed, period.

The closest you can get is temporary hit points, which are not the same thing as healing. Those wear off at the end of an encounter or after 5 minutes, though.

The only way they can be healed is by removing the disease with a successful Cure Disease ritual so they can heal normally.


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