We are currently converting a 4E game to Pathfinder and one of the current PCs is a Dragonborn. Does the race (or an equivalent) exist as a player race in any official supplement / product?

Google turns up a lot of house rule attempts to port it over from varying years, but nothing from Paizo that I can spot.


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There is no direct analogue. The closest might be the Nagaji from the Advanced Race Guide - but you can browse all the official races on the SRD and see what might capture dragonborn-age the most to you.


There is a section in the back of the Advanced Race Guide for the creation of new races. You just need to come up with a set of abilities that match what the 4th Ed version gives you. I converted a "Draconic" character from 3.5 and I talked through what I got with the DM:

Racial Qualities
Humanoid (Draconic) 0pt
Size = Medium 0pt
Speed = normal 0pt
Ability = +2 stats x 2 2pt
Langauges = standard = 0pt

Racial Traits
Immunities +4 vs Sleep and paralysis = 2pt
Natural Armour +1 = 2pt
Skill +2 intimidate and Perception = 4pt
2 Claw attacks (d4) = 2pt
Lowlight / Darknvision = 3 pts

Total = 15pts which was a little high but the DM was happy enough.

Generally just allowing a player to min/max with his class is bad idea, but working together to come up with something generic is good.


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