If I use an ability that targets all allies (such as the Sage's Healing Burst from the Force of Will track), am I included? If I use an ability that targets some specific number of allies (such as the Sage's Stitch in Time ability, also from the Force of Will track), can I choose myself as one of the allies?

I did see a few examples that makes me think I do count as my own ally, but I'm used to 4e where you don't count as your own ally, and I didn't see a definite rule clarifying the matter (though I certainly could have missed it).

From the Ranger's Professional Soldier track, p72 (emphasis mine):

7th Circle - The Sound of Cannon: ... You gain a +6 bonus to your initiative, and all allies gain a +4 bonus to initiative, bringing your total bonus to +10.

Some feats, from p164 (emphasis mine):

Recon: At the beginning of each [Encounter], before the first [Round], each ally may make a 5 ft step, even if that ally is surprised. At 6th level, this increases to two 5 ft steps for you only.

Reprisal: You are healed twice your character level whenever an ally other than you is dropped below half their maximum hit points. ...


You are always your own ally

From the glossary, page 212 (emphasis added):

Ally refers to any creature in an [Encounter] that you choose to regard as friendly for the purpose of any particular action or ability. You cannot treat a creature as an ally unless they allow you to do so. You are always your own ally. You can assign this term as you wish, though a creature can never be treated as both an ally and an opponent for purposes of a single instance of the same effect.

However, some abilities specify that they only affect, or are only triggered by, other allies - such as the Reprisal ability you quoted above.


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