I've been reading some of the flavor text in Genius: The Transgression, and I've noticed a good deal of it mentioning pre-Genius discoveries that are not physical inventions, i.e. a black-box codebreaking algorithm, or alien mathematics. That got me wondering: what if one were to try to craft a Wonder that was not directly tied to a physical object? Now, I wouldn't say something like "programming language with which to hack reality" or anything that would too obviously resemble magic (though such a thing would be interesting should someone try a Mage/Genius crossover involving an additional "arcane" Axiom, but that's another story); I mean such things as:

  • a Katastrofi wonder that is more or less the Anti-Life equation, a mathematical formula that is fatal to any thinking being or machine that tries to process it;

  • an Exelexi/Metapropi Wonder that is a type of music- not just a particular instrument, but a specific set of frequencies, that, when strung together in certain combinations, can manipulate objects in various ways;

  • an Epikrato mnemonic device that lets a Genius hide simple subliminal commands, as well as a trigger word or phrase, within spam email or text messages that implant themselves into the mind of the intended recipient- provided he or she actually reads the message in question.

Etc. I suppose in the end this would end up being Storyteller's call anyway, but I guess in short I'm asking if Wonders can be mental/metaphysical concepts or processes rather than being limited to robots, gadgets, and monsters.


I would say it is well in the spirit of the game to craft Wonders that are not physical objects. Your examples do all make sense to me, but I can think of other examples that are quite common in the "mad scientist / mad engineer" genre and are not physical objects: alterations of themselves and/others (through genetic manipulation, injections, nanobots, brainwashing, etc). A Genius (or their pet / sidekick) may have the ability to:

  • alter emotions, like the Mule from Asimov or Prince Xizor from Star Wars.
  • activate minions that have been subliminally trained with a word or gesture of command, similar to the way cylons are activated / deactivated (this is similar to your third example).
  • get mutant / supernatural abilities, like the Green Goblin.

Another possibility for the 21st century is the software genius that has created a software that has virally infected every computer in the world, giving her access to every computer if she presses some sequence of characters, and/or giving her the access to every fact-checking question she has ("if only we knew where he is... he could be anywhere in the world", "gimme a second... here is a phone box, I will ask my computers", "I did not know you had a computer", "they are all mine"), or giving her unlimited funds from any cashpoint (like John Connor in Terminator II), or any other appropriate effect.

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