The text on the feat Master Healer reads as follows:

Benefit: You gain the ability to brew short-lived draughts that duplicate the effects of a Medicine check. To make one, you must pass the corresponding check by ten or more. You may make three draughts per [Scene]. These draughts last until the end of the [Scene] and can be used as part of a move action.

The trouble that I, and my players, are having is that some of the wording seems a bit vague. So, my questions about the feat are as follows:

  • What action is it to create a draught? Medicine checks take longer than a single move action in many cases.
  • Can I use the draught on another character, such as a [Dying] or otherwise helpless ally?
  • Can I create a draught that duplicates the effect of identifying a creature with the Medicine skill, and if so how does that even work?

If there's a relevant bit of RAW that can clear up my question, I'd love to hear it. I'm also perfectly happy with errata or developer intent.


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I would rule that it takes as long – at least – to brew the draught as it would to make the check (the draught can just be saved for when you need the check result now), and I would only allow it for uses of Medicine that involve giving some kind of medical attention to someone.


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