So it's a bit of a habit as it seems for my questions to have a really explanatory title. My characters randomly rolled a looted ghost touch weapon last session. I'm a bit confused about the application of the weapon's abilities.

I understand that it removes miss chance vs. incorporeal enemies, but does it give a miss chance vs. corporeal as well? Does it also remove miss chance from concealment or spells like blur, etc.?

Here is the link with the description for reference: Magic Weapons: Ghost Touch.



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It works normally against corporeal creatures.

A quote from your Link:

Essentially, a ghost touch weapon counts as either corporeal or incorporeal at any given time, whichever is more beneficial to the wielder.

Blur or Concealment work like normal. The Ghost Touch Weapon doesn´t interfere there.


Yes it will work against both a corporeal and incorporeal opponent. No miss chances on either. A good item to have when ghost hunting :-)

Remember you must still be able to see your opponent (or know where he is) before you can hit him.


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