My DM is saying that the power on Screaming Bow which gives vulnerable 5 thunder does not apply to the attack which allows the power to activate. Is this the case?

For reference:

Power (daily): Free action.
Trigger: You hit an enemy with this weapon.
Effect: That enemy gains vulnerable 5 thunder (save ends).

And the property:

When you use this weapon to hit an enemy with an attack power that doesn't deal typed damage, that attack deals thunder damage.


This is the RAW :

A free action with a trigger falls in the category "Other Triggered effects" : it isn't an immediate action nor an opportunity attack (which both occur during someone else's turn).

In the rules compendium :

If an effect has a trigger but is neither an immediate action nor an opportunity action, assume that it behaves like an immediate reaction, waiting for its trigger to completely resolve. However, ignore this guideline when the effect has to interrupt its trigger to function. For instance, if a triggered power allows an adventurer to use a free action to reroll an attack roll, with the hope of turning a miss into a hit, the power must interrupt the trigger ("You miss with an attack") to function: otherwise the attack would be resolved as a miss.

Source : p. 195 & 196 of the Rules Compendium (emphasis mine).

As we're not in the case of "has to interrupt its trigger to function", the free action resolves after its trigger.

In short : your DM is right.


Your DM is right.

Because the daily power is triggered by a hit, it is delivered along with the other effects of that hit (like the damage), not before those effects. And because the target wasn't vulnerable when you damaged them, they do not take extra damage from the vulnerability.

To put it another way, since the damage & the vulnerability have the same trigger (the hit), why do you think the vulnerability would happen before the damage?


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