I'm currently looking at a design for a bomb-focused alchemist. I plan to use Two-Weapon Fighting (along with the Fast Bombs discovery) to get more bombs per round in mid- and late levels, and I'll possibly use the Taddol race to get Two-Weapon Fighting as a bonus feat and access to the Innate Two-Weapon Fighting racial feat. There's been some prior discussion on bomb-heavy builds like this here and here. However, this plan hinges on bombs counting as light weapons: if they do, I get less penalty for using Two-Weapon Fighting with them (or none with the innate racial feat).

So: Do Alchemist bombs count as light weapons, or light for the purposes of text referring to light weapons? The fluff description of the bombs certainly makes them sound lighter/smaller than most of the weapons unambiguously defined as "light weapons", but I'm hoping to find something RAW and non-fluff to clarify the issue. I was also unable to find a definitive answer in this similar question.


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With an Off-the-shelf Alchemist no, this is impossible. The Bomb class feature requires a standard action to create and throw the bomb, this isn't an attack action, this is just the way the class feature works. Some have drawn comparisons to it and a Dragon's Breath Weapon.

However, if you are level 8 you may pick up the Fast Bombs discovery which then does enable you to use everything above you described. (FAQ Link)

As far as them being light weapons I think that is a fair assumption, though I can't find any hard info on the topic so I'd talk to your GM about it.

  • \$\begingroup\$ I had intended the original question to imply that I was using the Fast Bombs discovery. Will edit to make this explicit. \$\endgroup\$ Nov 2, 2013 at 22:49

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