hello im new to this place i thought it looked kinder cool so i sinded up

i have a two part question singel player rp/ye oldly feel card games i know theres alot of people out there who will look at this and have a brake down cos theres no such thing tecnicly as a singel player rp game im not looking for a fight so dont bother telling m the wrongs of my sinfull mortel ways for i will pay you no heed but there must be something of the kind out there something that has a rp feel to it or is a old strategey advenchure feel to it iv tryed to make one for non of my frends role play and my larp club is to far away so i only get to play dnd and the like when im up there and we ofen get to drunk for the game to flow and end up brawling ooc to figer out whs right so im looking for somthing t play on my own be it a game from the dark ages or a singel player card game or bord game i know about the old rp books wich are fun but dont cut it for me and the temtashion to cheet is to much any help would be fab

thank you agen


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