As I have read, it is possible to use the flurry power as soon as I hit. So when using Crane's Wings, I can use the flurry before pushing the enemy.

But what when I attack multiple targets? When can I use the flurry then? Right after the first hit is resolved or at the end of the attack?

E.g. the Leopard Maneuvre: Can I use the flurry power after hitting the first enemy or only after the complete attack is resolved?


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It happens during the Hit line resolution on the power.

All of the Flurry of Blows powers have the same trigger:

You hit with an attack during your turn.

Powers are resolved in the order they appear on the card. So, let's say you take a basic Monk attack like Fallen Needle. It has the following lines:

  • Target
  • Attack
  • Hit

You determine whether or not you hit something during the Attack line. However, you Hit someone during the Hit line. So Flurry of blows will trigger during this stage. For powers that attack multiple enemies, you can wait until the end of the damage resolution stage. If the power is a multi attack, you'll have to decide whether to use it during the first damage resolution or wait and see if you hit on the subsequent attacks.


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