13th Age uses a 4-E'ish system of Daily, Encounter, Rechargable, and At-Will powers for it's abilities. However, Spells are treated a little oddly compared to, say, Class Talents in that, well, a spell caster tends to know a lot more of them, and can freely change them up at a Full Heal Up (i.e. between 'days'.)

What's not made clear anywhere in the rules however, is whether I can use two of my 6 or so spells known to take the same limited use (let's say Daily for simplicities sake) spell twice, so I can use it more times. Is this possible? Or must I take 6 separate and distinct spells?

(The only explicit reference I can find to something like this is that Utility Spell can be taken multiple times to grant multiple uses of it's various permutations. Utility Spell is a daily, but it behaves strangely in a dozen other ways too.)


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No, Not By Default

There is a Wizard Class Talent called High Arcana which, if taken, can grant you the ability you desire. From page 149:

Unlike other spellcasters, who can only choose a specific spell once, when you pick your spells, you can choose any daily wizard spell twice.

Given the existence of this Class Talent, and some inference from the text of the utility spell description, you cannot by default take the same daily spell twice.

On The Utility Spell

The section of the rules about the Utility Spell can be found on page 150 of the 13th Age Core Rulebook.

The way the utility spell works is that, in place of a spell slot, you can memorize the utility spell, allowing you to use any of the daily spells that are part of the utility spell at the level you memorized it. At 1st level, the utility spell gives you access to three different spells. It is important to note that all utility spells are daily, and you can only use one of them per full heal-up ("day"), not all three:

For example, if you memorize the utility spell slot at 3rd level, you can cast one of the following six spells at 3rd level as a standard action: disguise self, feather fall, hold portal, levitate, message, or speak with item. You don't have to decide ahead of time which utility spell you will cast. You can also memorize the utility spell multiple times by giving up a spell slot for each use.

If you memorize the utility spell multiple times by giving up a spell slot for each instance, you can use that many of the utility spells per day, but still only once per spell. There are also a couple of feats associated with the utility spell:

Adventurer Feat: Each utility spell you take lets you cast two spells from the available options instead of one.

You cannot cast the same daily spell from the utility spells list multiple times in a day, but rather this gives you the ability to cast two different utility spells in a given day, as opposed to just one. This is the same effect as memorizing the utility spell twice in place of two spell slots. This effect stacks, so if you have the Utility Spell Adventurer Feat, and memorize the utility spell twice in exchange for two spell slots, then you can cast four different utility spells in a day, but still only once per day for each of them.

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