Let's say, there is a Druid. He has some soulmelds shaped and really likes them, through he also likes his Wild Shape ability. He looks at his soulmelds, he looks at his Wild Shape and asks himself - "Am I able to combine them?"

Okay, here's the question: Can a Druid have active Soulmelds during Wild Shape, or are the Soulmelds being supressed for the duration?

The rules on Wild Shape say this:

Any gear worn or carried by the druid melds into the new form and becomes nonfunctional. When the druid reverts to her true form, any objects previously melded into the new form reappear in the same location on her body that they previously occupied and are once again functional. Any new items worn in the assumed form fall off and land at the druid's feet.

While the description on Soulmelds say this:

Soulmelds are persistent magical constructions shaped from pure incarnum—the power of souls living, dead, and yet unborn—fused with the meldshaper’s own essence. They resemble both long-lasting spells and magic items in many ways, but truly are neither. Once shaped, a soulmeld takes on a solid physical form in the shape specifi ed for that particular meld. A shaped soulmeld acts as a normal object that might be worn, such as boots, armor, or a robe except for the following: they cannot be removed from the individual wearing them, they cannot be damaged except as specifi cally noted and they don’t have a weight (though they can restrict movement, thus giving an armor check penalty if applicable).

So, it looks like somewhat of a draw. Is there anything in RAW to solve this conundrum?


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Bound soulmelds take up magic-item slots, but are not items. They therefore do not get melded into the druid’s new form and do not become non-functional.

Note that Magic Item Compendium and (if I recall correctly, currently away from books) Magic of Incarnum have information on item slots/chakras for non-humanoid creatures. Most creatures have all of the item slots/chakras, though a few do not.

As a druid meldshaper, you may also want to consider the Share Soulmelds feat to give your Animal Companion some soulmelds as well.


I would rule that if the animal form could wear an item of the same slot that the soulmeld takes it would be able to maintain it.

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    \$\begingroup\$ Note that, officially, there are rules about mapping item slots to different physiologies (e.g. a quadruped treats its forelimbs as Arms, and the feet on those limbs as Hands). Most creatures can wear most items. \$\endgroup\$
    – KRyan
    Apr 29, 2014 at 20:31

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