Can you replace feats that you get as class features, but that you'll never use for reasons unique to your character? Can we, for example, take those useless feats at a rate of one per level and re-purpose them for feats that we'll actually use?

In may case, I have a fighter that doesn't believe in wearing armor, and so doesn't need heavy, medium, or light armor proficiency. I did a search on Google and can't seem to find anywhere what this has been addressed yet - I only see that we can exchange 1 feat or power per level.


In short, no.

The rules that you're asking about are on Page 28 of the PHB, under 'Retraining'. The relevant line is:

You can’t replace a feat if it’s a prerequisite for any other attribute you have (another feat or a paragon path, for example), or if the feat is a feature of your class, path, or destiny (as the Ritual Caster feat is a class feature for wizards).

Since armour proficiency is a class feature of Fighters and not a feat selection, you can't replace it.

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