While reading the GitP Vitalist Handbook, I came across the following line in the Elans entry in the Races section:

The Reconstruction trait is golden for Elan Vitalists, allowing you to continue to heal even while unconscious and making a huge portion of your list more powerful than normal.

I was unable to identify any traits or Elan racial traits (standard or alternate) named "Reconstruction". Does anyone here know what trait the guide is referring to, and where to find the reference for it?


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In this thread on the Dreamscarred Press forums Jeremy Smith, listed as an author of Ultimate Psionics, posted the alpha version of the elan's alternate racial traits, including the alternate racial trait reconstruction, which says that

Some elans are more adept at psionically rebuilding bodies than preserving them. These elans may spend 1 or more pp as a swift action to gain Fast Healing 2 for a number of rounds equal to the number of pp spent; this can be used even when unconscious. The elan also gains a +1 bonus to its manifester level when manifesting powers of the Healing subdiscipline. This trait replaces Resistance and Resilience.

I couldn't determine if this alternate racial trait was subsequently included in Ultimate Psionics.


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