Silent Shadows is a Guild feat that allows the following:

  • +2 bonus to Stealth checks.
  • Reroll Stealth checks if qualifying allies are present.
    • +1 bonus to reroll for each qualifying ally, up to +5.

Qualifying allies must:

  • Be within 5 squares of you.
  • Have the same feat.

The verbiage of this feat seems a little unclear to me, in terms of how the reroll bonus is calculated. I see it possibly being translated one of three ways:

  • Start at +0 bonus, add +1 for each qualifying ally. Maximum total bonus of +5.
  • Start at +2 bonus, add +1 for each qualifying ally. Maximum total bonus of +5.
  • Start at +2 bonus, add +1 for up to 5 qualifying allies. Maximum total bonus of +7.

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The entire text of the feat says:

Silent Shadows [Guild]

Benefit: You gain a +2 feat bonus to Stealth checks. Whenever you roll a result you dislike on a Stealth check and you are within 5 squares of an ally that also has this feat, you can reroll the Stealth check with a +1 bonus for each such ally, to a maximum of +5. You can then use the best result

First sentence is very clear. You gain +2 to stealth checks. Period. Just like skill focus.

Second sentence "roll you dislike" is normally used to give a reroll that doesn't stack, for example "Time Link Armor"

Power (Daily): No Action. Trigger: You roll initiative and dislike the result. Effect: You reroll initiative but must use the second result.

In this case, they replaced second with best. The second bonus is untyped, and therefore offers up to a +5 with 5 qualifying allies around you, for a total of +2 feat and +5 untyped. Maximum total bonus of +7.

The reason for this is that if the party achieves that bonus they are unambigiously shouting at the GM "We want stealthy skill challenges!" and sacrificing a feat for that.

For more details on how bonuses work and their typing, look at pages 27 and 28 of the rules compendium or here.


The third of your choices is the correct one.

  • The +2 bonus is a feat bonus.
  • The +1 per Ally (to a maximum of +5) is untyped.

The two bonuses therefore stack (and are not related).


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