In Dungeons & Dragons 4e can players use an Action Point during a surprise round?


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If you are able to act during a Surprise roundDDI you have a couple restrictions:

  • You can take one action during a surprise round (minor, move or standard)
  • You can take free actions as well with one exception:
  • You cannot spend action points
  • During the surprise round you can take Immediate and Opportunity actions (just not on your own turn)

If you are surprised you:

  • Cannot take any actions including immediate and opportunity and free actions.
  • Grant Combat Advantage to all attackers for the duration of the surprise round.
  • Cannot flank

The full rules are on p267 of the Player's Handbook and p190 and p235 of the Rules Compendium.


According to page 235 of the Rules Compendium, no. The free action to use an Action Point may only be used during your turn, and not during a surprise round.


No, but for one main reason: using an action point allows you to have an extra action your turn, which contradicts the rule that allows one action per player in a surprise round.


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