So I've been highly interested in D&D through watching streams of it but unfortunately no one plays D&D anywhere close to me. I don't have a clue on how to make characters etc. So if anyone could help me then that'd be greatly appreciated.

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The Swords & Wizardry Quick Start Rules were written for a retro clone of the original Dungeons & Dragons rules. But I think it is an excellent introduction to the type of adventures D&D and Pathfinder are best known for. And it is targeted to the novices. I had several local gamers use this to get the hang of Pathfinder. They went through the Quick Start and were a lot more comfortable in playing or referee a Pathfinder campaign.

The Quick Start assumes the reader is a complete novices and leads them through all the important elements of making characters and running D&D adventures. All of these concepts are applicable to Pathfinder the only difference is in the details of the rules themselves. The Pathfinder's beginners box will teach you that. The Quick Start will teach you how to tie it all together.

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