In the Star Wars Age of Rebellion Core (not beta) rule book, for the Ace: Gunner talent tree, one of the listed options is Jury Rigged:

Choose 1 weapon, armor, or other item and give it a permanent improvement while it remains in use.

What exactly is an "Improvement"? I see Item Qualities, and Item Mods, but nothing that is clearly an "Improvement".


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So I found the answer to this one, and possibly a bunch of other Specialization tree talent descriptions that might not be 100% clear, and have a very important piece of advice for anyone running this system: Read the definition in the Talents Chapter, not the summary in the Specialization tree description.

In this case, I'm pretty sure "improvement" was specifically used because it is not used anywhere else, as the Jury Rigged talent has a very specific list of what it can do defined in the Talents chapter.


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