I intend to place my characters in a trapped "dungeon" (I'm stealing the concept from the movie Cube as a God Machine experiment, and team building exercise), however I am unable to locate rules for traps (at least they aren't explicitly mentioned in the Index of WoD, Armory, or Armory Reloaded). What kinds of rules/rolls would apply? Finding traps? trap doors? disabling? dealing with "surprise attacks from the environment"? etc.

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We could all wish hard copies came with a search feature. Or that DriveThruRPGs Print-on-Demand service handled full bleed.

The rules for traps start on page 184 of the original Armory book, under the Traps heading of the section entitled Security Systems and Traps in Chapter Five: Equipment and Accessories. However, those rules may require some adaptation to make them fully compatible with God Machine rules, including but not limited to the use of Conditions. (Thanks, Oxinabox).


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