Terrible Form is a style merit that lets you gain a modification, then a technology, then a propulsion and finally an extra process.

It seems designed this way to limit early access to the more powerful propulsions and processes.

Advanced form lets you swap a modification or tech, for a propulsion/process. This balances out as you lose access to one form aspect and have to spend a merit.

But at two points total you can get a propulsion or process, by combining the two, and circumventing the latter style merit tiers.

Is this an acceptable use of the two merits!? Does that follow rules as intended?


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Well Terrible Form gives you more form abilities than you can shake and shakey thing at a thing that shakey thing get shaken at.

I think it was there to allow a charater to gain one extra propulsion/process without needing to get more mods and techs. I feel this was intended (or if not that onxy path would like the idea).

One thing I do know from the people of Onxy path is that they believe in your game, your way (tm). This is not D&D where every action you can do has a rule, so it more about in the end of the day if you are ok with it or if you feel it breaks the game.

Not mechainics wise, if a demon can fall (being a starting charater) with a extra modification, technology, propulsion and process, then why can one have two proccesses


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